Next Microbiota Event: April 4th 2017

Please join us at Campus Biotech in Spring 2017 to hear the latest research findings on the effect of the human microbiota on the brain and in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The programme can be found below.

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Western Switzerland hosts more than 700 companies and 500 research laboratories active in the life sciences sector. Due to this extraordinary ecosystem, Switzerland has recently been designated as the most innovative country in the world.
To maintain this ranking, initiatives such as the NexTrends events, facilitating interactions between individuals arising from different industrial and research areas, are essential for the emergence of new technologies.
The NexTrends Events also address a growing concern of many stakeholders who regard periodical events around life sciences in extenso as an added value to initiate new collaborations and enlarge their perspectives.
Three kind of NexTrends Events are provided for a full coverage during the whole cycle of development of a company:
  • Passerelles Start-up, centered around new and emerging companies
  • NexTrends Symposium, national events focusing on scientific and economical topics
  • NexTrends Global Convention, events bringing together global leaders in research and business to provide a wide overview on specific areas


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This event will take place at Campus Biotech

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Next event: April 4, 13h30

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Where are these events.

This event will take place at Campus Biotech

When are these events.


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