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@Biopôle (Lausanne), Sept 27th


From Pharma to Nutrition: Crossing the Rubicon?


17h00 - 17h30: Registration and Welcome by T. Weber


17h30 - 17h50: Stephanie Blum-Sperisen, PhD (Nestle Health Sciences) "Changing the Paradigm of Nutrition in Oncology – towards a therapeutic impact"


17h50 - 18h15: Mohamed Benghezeal (Swiss Vitamine Institute) "Vitamins and nutraceuticals: the future of intelligent food?"


18h15 - 18h35: Prof. Luc Tappy (University of Lausanne) "Fructose: functional food, dietary toxin, or both?""


18h35 - 19h05: Round table discussion


19h00: Networking apero

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates)


Over the past two decades we witnessed the development of a new trend: consumer packaged goods tailoring food and beverages in order to fit an active and healthy lifestyle. Beyond the first attempts to create wellness products, the development of functional foods we have observed the development of food products containing specific medicinal or physiological effects.


Evidence that nutrition can affect our health is not to be proven anymore. Furthermore, currently a movement towards foods that specifically address long-term preventative health is afoot, suggesting a convergence of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Fact is that the border between “food” and “pharma” is becoming more and more ill-defined as some alimentary compounds can be found in medical drugs, or medical therapies that can be adjusted by the intake of dietary supplements sometimes in pharmacological doses.


Elaboration of nutritional therapies arises multiple regulatory and scientific questions. We are developing new high impact solutions ahead of existing regulations. What is the current state of nutritional research? What is the future of alimentary therapies? Or how much the regulatory framework is well suited for this evolution? To answer these questions, and hopefully many more, we bring together leading specialists in the field of nutrition and life sciences. As usual, this C-Suite will be a mixture of short talks, lively roundtable and networking opportunities dedicated to a selective CXOs audience.