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Western Switzerland hosts more than 700 companies and 500 research laboratories active in the life sciences sector. Due to this extraordinary ecosystem, Switzerland has recently been designated as the most innovative country in the world.
To maintain this ranking, initiatives such as the NexTrends events, facilitating interactions between individuals arising from different industrial and research areas, are essential for the emergence of new technologies.
The NexTrends Events also address a growing concern of many stakeholders who regard periodical events around life sciences in extenso as an added value to initiate new collaborations and enlarge their perspectives.
Three kind of NexTrends Events are provided for a full coverage during the whole cycle of development of a company:
  • Passerelles Start-up, centered around new and emerging companies
  • NexTrends Symposium, national events focusing on scientific and economical topics
  • NexTrends Global Convention, events bringing together global leaders in research and business to provide a wide overview on specific areas


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This event will take place at Hörsaal 2 Universitätspital Basel, Spitalstrasse 21, Basel

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Next event: April 23rd, 2015



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 April 23rd, 2015

 Universitätspital, Basel

Hörsaal 2

 16:00 - 19:00

“Swiss made” in medical technologies and life sciences


Health in general is a pillar of the Swiss economy. This is a question of tradition, in particular due to the long-term presence of the pharmaceutical industry, and the recent growth in medical device technologies, which build on the valuable collateral of the age-old Swiss tradition of microtechnology. The excellence of Swiss science also contributes to the strength of the market for health-related products and services. According to the think tank "Avenir Suisse", today about half of the industrial production and services in the Swiss economy is related to health.

The concept of "Swiss made" is an important asset for our industries and contributes, day after day, to keeping manufacturing industry in our country, thus avoiding the massive delocalizations that have occurred elsewhere. Such manufacturing is extremely important, not only for industry itself, but also because it enables Switzerland to maintain powerful R&D capabilities and engineering prowess in the country.

This event welcomes all contributors to the concept of "Swiss made" in health-related sciences, technologies, and innovation. Its aim is to bring people together, to learn about health-related Swiss innovation and to network and discuss the subject with people interested in the field. i-net, innovation networks, CSEM and NexTrends are joining forces to make this event possible and to foster "Swiss made" innovation.

15:30 Registration and welcome coffee

16:00 Welcome reception

Hans-Florian Zeilhofer, MD, Head of the Department for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital Basel

16:10 Innovation and trends in Northwestern Switzerland

Representative from i-net, innovation networks

16:25 Welcome

Christian Bosshard, Vice-President, Thin Film Optics

16:30 Personalization of hip and knee prothesis made in Switzerland

Jean Plé, President and CEO, Symbios Orthopédie SA

16:55 Personalized medicine in cancer therapy: from chip to patient

Daniel Zwahlen, MD MBA, Head of Department Kantonsspital Graubünden Radiotherapy

17:20 Micro-technologies as enablers for diagnostics

Stéphane Follonier, PhD, Vice-President CSEM Landquart

17:45 The Swiss touch in innovation

Benoît Dubuis, PhD, Director Foundation Campus Biotech Geneva

18:10 Apéro riche



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Aline Moser, CSEM

T +41 32 720 5687


Carmelo Bisognano, Inartis

T +41 21 697 11 18

1) Innovation through Science Hacking (April 28th)


2) "Swiss made" in medical technologies and life sciences (here below)

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Where are these events.

This event will take place at Hörsaal 2 Universitätspital Basel, Spitalstrasse 21,Basel

When are these events.

Next event: April 23rd, 2015

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